Pokémon Titanium Wiki Edit

Pokémon Titanium is just a simple fan made Pokémon Game. I give credit to Pokémon Essentials for letting me make this possible.

Game Demo/Download Edit

Download here! It's not finished, but I'll update it every little while when there's more gameplay for you guys! ~2 gyms completed currently (of 8 OR 16)!aF9QDBgK!jWzmyK12t5QVI619zm2WrQA9dJqPVSEP4sdjgLTjD60</p>

There's the link :D - It's the fourth updated Beta so far!

Pokémon Titanium News Edit


It's a one man operation, and it's coming along nicely so far, I'm hoping to have it finished by the winter of 2017.

Latest activityEdit

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